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Veterinary C-Section

Pets, as well as people, can require a caesarian section. For some breeds, planned C-sections are a part of the normal reproductive process. Here at Pearson Animal Hospital in San Marcos CA, we provide expertise in veterinary C-sections for multiple breeds and can perform the surgery both as a planned procedure and on an emergency or urgent-care basis.

female dog feeding her litter of puppies after a successful animal c-section to give birth

Reasons for C-sections

Emergency C-sections are usually performed because the cat or dog has been attempting to deliver normally but is failing to do so. This can occur in all breeds of dogs and cats, and may not be predictable. Planned C-sections are more common in certain breeds, such as bulldogs, where the puppies frequently have heads too large to fit through their mother's pelvis.

Our veterinarian has extensive experience with C-sections and the particular needs of bulldogs. The use of anesthesia in brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs is a little different than in other dogs, so our experience is important in creating the safest possible environment for your bulldog mother-to-be. However, we perform C-sections on many different breeds, not just bulldogs.

What to Expect

During the cesarean section, our veterinarian will make an incision in the abdomen to access the uterus and remove the neonates (puppies or kittens). Another team of veterinary professionals will be present to handle the needs of the neonates. After surgery, the mother will be allowed to completely recover from the anesthesia before her babies are returned to her so that she does not accidentally cause them injury.

Success rates for veterinary C-sections are high. The risk for the puppies or kittens is reduced if the mother is not allowed to labor unnecessarily long before surgery begins. If your dog or cat is pregnant, ask our veterinarian of any signs might signal a need for emergency intervention.

Pet Cesarean Sections in San Diego and Riverside Counties

Providing cesarean sections is only a part of what we do here at Pearson Animal Hospital in San Marcos CA. While we are available for emergency and C-sections on unexpected patients, we also perform C-sections as part of reproductive health plans that may include artificial insemination, ultrasound monitoring, and pregnancy radiographs. We also provide veterinary services for all of San Diego and Riverside County residents.

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